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3D printing for a Environmental ENGINEERING student

When I came to the first meeting and the tutor told us that we had to work on a subject that was unknown to me and that we had to work for a company I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I also knew that if I could overcome this task I would profit from this experience.

I had to work with a group of people with very different areas of knowledge, ex. designers, and engineers in order to find new ideas and mechanism for 3D printing that will help the company and the environment, by using plastic waste.

The first few weeks were the hardest, we had to learn how the 3D printing works and simultaneously investigate about it. I was lucky to learn so much as I worked with a great group of people who all helped each other. As I said, the first weeks were the hardest, but over time, with all the meetings we did and thanks to the help of our tutor, we get to focus on our goal.

The results were clear, the hours passed and reflected in our work, meetings, company visits, e-mails to various companies around the world, which asked them advice, resulted in a great work done by all.

I have understood as would be the working world, I’ve learned to work together with other people. Definitely, a necessary and very educational experience.


Diego Guijarro is studying Environmental Engineering in the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Exchange student in Turku University of Applied Sciences during the autumn 15/16.

Kuva: Mikael Ahlfors
Kuva: Mikael Ahlfors