REEFAMA summer hatchery – From waste to resource


The REEFAMA project, started during summer 2015, and it looks for new utilization purposes for the material flows of local enterprises.

Recycling of industrial metal waste has worked well for a long time, due to the high prices of metals. Economical interest in more efficient recycling of other materials, such as plastics, is also gradually increasing. REEFAMA answers to this trend.

Five engineering students, doing summer internships in the REEFAMA project, investigated the material flows of collaborating enterprises, and looked for new ways of utilization for them. The collaborating enterprises by far have been Meyer Turku and the vehicle dismantler Oili Jalonen.

Students working in the summer
Students working in the summer

During summer, the students acquainted themselves with resource efficiency by visiting several companies specializing in it. The students especially researched the recycling possibilities of plastics and found out that recycling ABS plastic generated by both collaborating enterprises would be very profitable. As a concrete result, the students found a potential material utilizer for 18 000 plastic coils which have before been sorted for energy recovery.

The Material Cycles and Resource Efficiency module, started in Fall 2015, continues the REEFAMA project based on the experiences got during summer. Students and enterprises from several different fields will participate in the module.

(Text & Picture: Veera Hatulainen)