Be the professional of sustainable urban environment



Smart Sustainable Cities, 10 ects

Code (SoleOPS): 5131109

The main topic in the course is Smart Sustainable Cities and its three main dimensions (enivironment, business and social). The course consists of virtual learning, working in multidisciplinary groups and project work. Also 11 students will have the opportunity to work three weeks abroad doing the project assignment together with students from Carpe Essence project.

Goals: After the course the student can:

  • Define the concept of Smart Sustainable Cities and the key elements and fields interlinked in Smart Sustainable Cities
  • Understand the general current economic, social and environmental trends that is connected with sustainable growth of cities
  • Identify stakeholders in sustainable urban development processes
  • Identify techniques to involve people in sustainable urban development initiatives
  • Know relevant energy and material flows in city environments
  • Understand how the stocks and flows of relevant systems in city environments interact


  • On weeks 6 – 17 spring 2017 on Thursdays and Fridays
  • 10 ects*27h = 270 h (in timetables 168 h)
  • Language: English+ free
  • Partly virtual (Optima), the project as team work
  • Innovation day in Pori (17.2.) and final presentations of project work
    for clients in Turku (21.4.)
  • In co-operation with SAMK
  • Teachers involved:
    • SAMK: Riitta Dersten and Marko Mikkola
    • TUAS: Timo Mieskonen, Tarmo , Helena Rantanen, Tarmo Karhu, Sonja Vikberg ja Raisa Kääriä
    • also visiting experts and excursion/s

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