POOP 2.0 Hackathon

SparkUp Turku 18.5.2017 10:00

The camp consists of two parts: the info meeting will be held on Thursday 4.5. at 10AM and the camp itself on Thursday 18.5. at 10AM-10PM. Both events will be held at the SparkUp Turku facilities in Turku. The info meeting on 4.5. will also be streamed online in case you are not available to be present at the time. The teams will be formed on 4.5. Teams will have two weeks to prepare and orientate before the actual camp day + they have access to experts in the field in case they want to prepare on that way also.

POOP 2.0 Hackathon is aimed at startups, companies and students. The idea of the camp is to find new solutions and local business models for recycling sanitation waste.

Registration to the hackathon.

For cities, large events are an annual challenge which is seen and heard in the city and involving up to hundreds of thousands of people. Organizing these events requires effective solutions in each sector. One of the essential sectors of event organizing is sanitation and its trouble-free arrangement.

In the POOP 2.0 Hackathon the participants will innovate a sustainable implementation for event sanitationin terms of circular economy. For the time being sanitation waste is often a lost resource and according to the principles of circular economy it should be utilized more than it is now.

More updated info can be found at TRY OUT! website.

Hackathon is organized together with Turku University of Applied Sciences, Sitra, Baltic Sea Action Group, TRY OUT! -project and other cooperation partners. The camp will be held at the inspiring SparkUp Turku.