The main topic in the course is Smart Sustainable Cities and its three main dimensions (environment, business and social). The course consists of seminars and lectures, working in multidisciplinary groups, field visits and project work. Also a pre-assignment.

Goals: After the course the student can:

  • Define the concept of Smart Sustainable Cities and the key elements and fields interlinked in Smart Sustainable Cities
  • Understand the general current economic, social and environmental trends that are  connected with sustainable growth of cities
  • Identify stakeholders in sustainable urban development processes
  • Identify techniques to involve people in sustainable urban development initiatives
  • Know relevant energy and material flows in city environments
  • Explain the urban water cycle, sustainable use and reuse.
  • Have an understanding of the future of the cities




Individual task. Get familiar with the theme of Smart Sustainable City. Watch the videos and read the following articles:

After watching and reading the materials, describe how the terms SMART and SUSTAINABLE appears in your city. Please write a short account/description (maximum length of the text is A4). We will go through the pre-assignment on Monday 20th of August in Turku, so please take it with you either on paper or on computer.


Tasks during the course:

Other info:


Other materials

Social programme:

Course programme:

  • Every day during 18.-28.8.2018. A more detailed programme here (changes updated to the document/link)