Overseas Merit Fellowship Finland Challenge 2017


In September 2017 20 students from Singapore will visit TUAS and study here for two weeks.

To the students: On this page you find information on this Overseas Merit Fellowship (OMF) in Finland. We have combined a comprehensive reading package which you should get familiar with before we start the OMF Finland Challenge. Also, info on the tasks etc on here.

Kind regards, TUAS team

Pre-arrival reading material


Here you will find some interesting reading material about Finland which we believe will help you to orientate to the course before your arrival.

Main outlines of Finnish history, click here

  • obligatory to read the whole text. Additionally: there are also interesting texts e.g. in chapter Life & Society, if you want to read

Education in Finland, click here

  • obligatory to read the whole text

Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016–2025, click here

  • obligatory to read pages 1-36

Innovation policy and governance in Finland, click here

  • obligatory to read pages 1-27 (i.e. pages 151-177)

General information about your stay


You have received a leaflet on the practical issues already in Singapore.

Tasks and materials

Materials on CE:

Materials on future working life & experts:

Innovation methods


Detailed daily programme


You have received a draft program already in Singapore and you will get an updated one on paper in Turku.

Contact details


Piia Nurmi +358403550931, piia.nurmi@turkuamk.fi