Advertising banners

Turku University of Applied Sciences and the City of Turku began collaboration in 2014 concerning collection and reuse of advertising banners. The aim is to utilize advertising banners as a raw material of new products. So far banners have been collected from the City of Turku, Turku City Theatre, and Ruisrock festival.

If you are interested in this material contact Piia Nurmi ( We co-operate both with material users and those who have material to give for reuse.

Park trees

Trees that have been cut down in the oldest parks in the City of Turku have been utilized in Turku region since 2008. These trees are refined by sawing and shaping so that they are suitable for new use, for example as building material or furnitures. Each year about 100 trees are cut down.

Mainly these trees are sawn and dried. This allows the material to be refined further. The most ideal way to use these trees is to use them outdoors because they do not require long drying times.

The aim is to enable the utilization of this wonderful raw material as widely as possible and to sell the material for carpenters, design students, companies, and educational institutions.

Products made from advertising banners