My experience with TUAS



Hi everyone! I’m writing this blog post to describe you my wonderful journey I had with TUAS. But first of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Yndhi, I’m nineteen and I’m an exchange student from Belgium. I studied in Turku, in the university of applied sciences.

TUAS gave me this wonderful tutors, Elina and Kaisu. They picked up our keys and starters package and brought it to our apartments. They also picked us up from the airport with car, and this is really a good thing because I would have never found everything on my own. I could really call or text them for everything. They were such a great help!

The classes were quite the same as in Belgium. Having fielddays was something new. This is a really good way to connect what you learned in class and use it in a practical way. The teachers at TUAS are all so friendly and helpful. You can always email them and they will help you as good as they can.

The most amazing experience I had with TUAS during my stay was the Turku challenge goes green. We were given a problem and we had to solve it together with our group. For the first time I got to be a tutor and I loved it!

I learned so many new things from this experience that I can take with me to the working life. I feel like this challenge gave me such an added value to my competences that I will be needing in my working life.

Now we are finally at the most important part; my research and development hatcheries project. This is a project where you work on a given subject. Ours was industrial symbiosis. For me this was really interesting because I study environmental management.

You work individual in the project but yet you work in a group. This way of working was really interesting and I learned a lot from it. You can do your own research and then talk with your group about it. This way you learn what’s important for your group, where to look for other information and what’s important for the other members of your group. Because you’re repeating yourself to the group members you’re learning and remembering.

I will give you an example of what we did in this project except for talking with each other. We got the opportunity to go and visit the leader of a company, who’s working in the industrial symbiosis sector. It’s so good to have the opportunity to see how things would be when I start working.

We also had this amazing tutor, Leona. Even though it looked like she didn’t know what to do in the beginning she really pulled through. She did a lot of work for our group and helped us really with everything. And I got a really good friend out of her. The only sad thing was that the progress of the subject went really slow. We sometimes didn’t know what direction to go or what to do.

For me this project was something really new. But I enjoyed it so much. I love talking, discussing the subject. I also really liked meeting with the other members. This project again gave me such advantage on students from my class in Belgium who didn’t do anything like this.

Text: Yndhi Tysebaert