What we offer for students?

The resource-efficient business research group of Turku University of Applied Sciences offers possibilities for collaboration with companies for students from various fields. Instead of lectures we want to offer interesting and practical ways for a student to become a responsible and self-imposed expert in his/her own field.

  • Would you like to become an expert in circular economy? Are you interested in possibilities offered by our cooperation companies? Are you in the need of an internship or perhaps a job?
  • Would you be interested working with real assignments coming from real companies? Could you innovate in a camp environment overnight? Turku University of Applied Sciences has been arranging innovation camps such as InnoCamp and Challenge Goes Green. Taking part in these might interest you!
  • Want to do research and work together with other students in the summer or during the school year? Read experiences from students and join our research hatcheries.

In case you would be interested to join us or you have any questions, please contact us.

Through seeing what little steps can contribute to a more sustainable future, I now know more where I want my further career to be heading to. I also got another way of thinking – and that there is not only always one right solution way for challenges.

Laura, an intern in 2015

Courses and study modules

Students can do many kinds of studies in the team’s project learning environment, projects and courses. Students gain credits, knowhow and business contacts. All together the team generates appr. 2000 credits a year.

We offer the following modules:

  • Smart sustainable cities 10 credits in English (blended learning) offered in spring 2017, and next time spring 2019
  • Waste management 15 credits in English (100% eLearning) offered next time in spring 2017, and next time autumn 2017 (and then the next time autumn 2019)
  • Circular economy 3 credits, masters level studies, in Finnish (blended learning) offered in spring 2017 and every spring
  • Circular economy 5 credits (100% eLearning) offered in summer 2017
  • Entrepreneurship and sustainable business 5 credits (blended learning) offered in autumn 2017 and every autumn
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 5 credits in English (blended learning) offered in autumn 2017
  • Circular economy 15 credits in Finnish (blended learning) offered next time in autumn 2018

All of the courses are offered via the Open university also

Upcoming courses

Understand the principles of waste management and waste legislation

Waste management, 15 ectsCode (SoleOPS): 5131103Goals: After the study unit students: Understand the principles of waste management and waste legislation Understand the principals of waste hierarchy......

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Be the professional of sustainable urban environment

 Smart Sustainable Cities, 10 ectsCode (SoleOPS): 5131109The main topic in the course is Smart Sustainable Cities and its three main dimensions (enivironment, business and social). The course......

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Learn about Waste Management

Turku University of Applied Sciences is offering a brand new Waste Management Module for the spring 2016. ...

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Students' experiences

Daniela Kunzig's experiences in a research hatchery

In the beginning of September, I started my exchange period at TUAS. Soon I recognized that the teaching in TUAS is completely different than in my home university. In general, much more group as well......

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My experience with TUAS

 Hi everyone! I’m writing this blog post to describe you my wonderful journey I had with TUAS. But first of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Yndhi, I’m nineteen and I’m an......

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Students developing energy and waste solutions in the Skanssi area

The course of Smart Sustainable Cities brought together university students from Turku for sustainable city planning. Throughout the spring, the sudents got familliar with smart and sustainable city......

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