The resource-efficient business research group of Turku University of Applied Sciences has collaborations with a wide range of companies. We offer the fresh expertise and innovation potential of our students as an asset for companies. We also unite companies to create new networks where resources and expertise can be shared.

Services for companies

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The resource-efficient business research group’s core business practice is strong corporate-student co-operation, ie the innovation education developed by Turku University of
Applied Sciences. Our operations combine the needs of the region’s businesses and the training of students in the field. We want to actively provide services to companies and students as well as genuine, work-based development tasks and projects at various stages of the studies. The work is guided by team expert teachers and project specialists.

What is Innovation Pedagogy?

Innovation pedagogy is a method that combines new types of learning with teamwork like working life. Innovation is seen as the development of know-how that leads to a sustainable
idea, knowledge or other practice that can be utilized in working life. Innovative pedagogy and close co-operation with working life enable the student to be able to use the knowledge and skills learned in the university in practice.

Services we offer?

In addition to project cooperation, we offer separately packaged services and for these pages we have put together a tight package of these services. It is possible to implement
such short, quick ideas based brainstorming, as well as longer lasting, practical-oriented projects and theses, internships and surveys. The best implementation method always depends
on the company’s need and the assignment that we always discuss with the company.

Key themes of the various services are the themes at the core of our research team’s expertise, such as:

  • circulation economy
  • resource efficiency
  • material efficiency
  • accountability and social innovations
  • environmental business

Check out our exclusive service offering and contact us and we will be working together to give you the best service for your business!

What do we offer?

Brainstorming, Wider Projects, Camps, Mystery Shopping, Surveys, Theses and Exercises (below) and eGreenNet Business Development Plan and Sales Training. In addition, we
are involved in generating waste management training internally (WastED courses).

In all the cases above, you can contact us and we can discuss the possibilities of collaboration.

3D Recycling

“Recycled plastics in 3D-printing” is a joint project with Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arcada University of Applied Sciences and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Project is implemented in close co-operation with the companies mentioned below. The project will investigate recycled plastics’ potential as 3D-printing material and related business opportunities from business needs.

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Textile recycling

In the beginning of 2016 an end-of-life textile pilot project was launched in the collection area of Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto. The wish is to open doors for textile waste recycling.

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