Circular economy 2.0

A project learning environment connects students, research projects and companies

The Resource Efficient Business research group of TUAS unites Circular economy 2.0 project learning environment directed to all university students. It is a whole new way to collaborate, and there are both companies and research projects involved. You can get basic information of circular economy by participating in modules related to Circular economy 2.0 and apply for a member in a single project or a post of trainee in our interesting projects.

The operation of Circular economy 2.0 is based on problem-oriented project work. The projects are related to circular economy, environmental business, responsibility and social innovations. Employers are companies and RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) projects.

In the background of the learning environment, there is a new circular economy 2.0 model that takes social justice into account along with the natural and technical circulations. According to the model, circular economy won’t work until the social sustainability is raised to the level of the ecologic and economic angles.

Circular economy 2.0 works as a team consisted of students and is guided by the experts of the research group and the student general manager. Generally, the students are recruited to the team for a longer time, but sometimes they carry out individual projects. Each student gets tasks that are parallel to his/her own know-how and professional interests. Students work both independently and in groups and meet regularly in common conventions. Also, international students work in Circular economy 2.0.

Circular economy 2.0 is located on Sepänkatu campus in the class A28. Welcome!