3D Recycling

Recycled Plastics in 3D-printing – laboratory for development 

3D-printers are expected to make as big an impact to the world as urbanization and the growth of the Internet have made in the past. Recycled materials in 3D printing is a part of the development of circular economy. 3D printing and recycling have the opportunity to create new business in Finland and strengthen the existing businesses competitiveness.

“Recycled plastics in 3D-printing” is a joint project with Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arcada University of Applied Sciences and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Project is implemented in close co-operation with the companies mentioned below. The project will investigate recycled plastics’ potential as 3D-printing material and related business opportunities from business needs.

The project will produce and investigate, for example, 3D-printing wire prototypes made of recycled plastics in cooperation with companies. In addition there is made research about the regeneration and usefulness of powder-like recycled plastics. At the same time industrial plastic waste material utilization in new methods, technologies, products and business models are being developed.

For more information, contact Jenni Suominen (jenni.suominen@turkuamk.fi)